It pays to prepare: why educating yourself can help you become a great dad

If I had known and understood what stress was going to do to me, I would have looked for help earlier.

Don’t for once think you are invincible, different or superior to any dad who has come before you. Your mates will all tell you “kids are the best thing ever”, “go for it – it’s great”.

The things they won’t tell you is how they wished they had prepared better and understood what was really coming. The hard stuff. The grind of parenting.

Get prepared and be aware of warning signs such as:

  • Stress on the relationship early in the pregnancy. Arguments creeping in where they usually wouldn’t.
  • Finding yourself short of time and money even before baby is born.
  • Looking for ways to avoid home and talking about your feelings and emotions.
  • New thought patterns due to stress and anxiety building in your subconscious mind.

Don’t be afraid to admit things are tough.

Just don’t become a statistic – protect yourself, your relationship and your child by seeking help early.

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