An unparalleled set of workshops aimed at informing men on how to prepare for the most rewarding job in life – becoming a DAD.

A deep dive into the untold story of fatherhood, how hard it is and what is involved to stay on top of all areas in life.

Curated by a Master Coach the series of workshops are designed to continually assist Men to learn and develop as individuals and Dads. At any stage on your journey from first child to third and more, ManTnatal has a workshop or course to assist you change any area of your life.





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Date: 20 August 2022
Time: 09:00 AM
Cost: $149.00 AUD
Duration: 2.5 hours
Online program
ManTnatal - The Modern Dad
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What to expect

ManTnatal is real, raw and relevant for Men and their journey as Dads.

Delivered in an environment that is safe for men to show vulnerability and discuss personal issues that may have come about through the news of becoming a dad.

The unique workshops enable men to comprehensively understand and easily implement simple strategies into life to ensure that they are well prepared for the additional load of fatherhood.

It’s a must for all new DAD’s.

ManTnatal breaks down the unspoken facts.

ManTnatal will educate and assist you on how to avoid the mistakes and pitfalls so many men make, so you can be the best version of yourself for your partner and newborn child.

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  • Psychology - How what we think changes as a dad. How to improve mindset and overcome any fears
  • Dads role on the day - A non-medical approach on what to expect
  • What the Future Holds - How to thrive as a dad.
  • Mastering Fatherhood The Do's and Don'ts - How to stay present in all areas of life
  • Self Improvement - Fitness, Mindset, Wellness & Relationships
  • Takeaways - Tools and Templates
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Upcoming Events

ManTnatal - The Modern Dad

20 August 2022

2.5 hours Online program
$149.00 + GST
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