The first month of parenting.

The first TWO WEEKS are like nothing you have ever experienced.

The outpouring of love you will have for your first born child and every subsequent child to follow is unbelievable.

Building a bond with your baby in the first few weeks is critical as a Dad. Statistics tell us that a fathers bond with their child is equally as important as that with their mum.

Don’t think you are not needed when baby first arrives. Your smell, voice, touch and presence are all so important for your baby to build trust with Dad. It is also essential you are there for your partner through this new chapter in your lives. Together you are better.

The days will be long but the years will be short.

Do yourself a favour and take a MONTH off!

Blink and you will miss those first two weeks. You will fall so in love with your child that you won’t want to be apart from them. It does get harder following that initial “honeymoon” period – just like it was meeting the love of your life. But those first weeks are so beautiful when they just eat, sleep and lay all over you.

So plan early, bank your holidays because you will not only want the month but need it.

You thought life was fast before children – you wait. The milestones, the memories and the sleep deprivation will soon devour you and squish life into one crazy battle to stay afloat.

It is a wonderful thing becoming a parent – it is also very challenging.


Gary Keys

London + Teddy 049


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